Why we need to recycle batteries and how to do it

Fifth Estate, 15 February 2022

Australia’s new national government-backed recycling scheme B-cycle launched on Tuesday, with a nationally coordinated infrastructure system aiming to make it easy for Australians to collect and recycle single use or rechargeable batteries such as alkaline or lithium batteries.

Key points:

  • 95 per cent of people are expected will recycle their batteries if they were aware of a drop off point near their home
  • More than 95 per cent of battery materials can be remade into everyday items such as computer parts, new batteries, paint, car tyres, and metal tools
  • When recycling batteries, you must cover the battery terminal (the part that connects to the product they’re putting it into) with clear tape to protect the battery for delivery.
  • You can find the closest battery recycling drop-off point by entering your postcode into the B-cycle website

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