B-cycle accreditation for
battery collectors or recyclers

Access rebates & recover increasing material volumes with B‑cycle – Australia’s official Battery Stewardship Scheme

Join B-cycle as an accredited Collector, Sorter, or Recycler

B-cycle ensures a responsible lifecycle for every battery. Join the Scheme today to tap into our growing network of battery Drop off points. Claim rebates every time you collect, sort or process used batteries.

B-cycle is Government-backed and authorised by the ACCC.

How to become an accredited Collector, Sorter or Recycler


Sign the B-cycle Commitment Form

B-cycle Commitment Form


Review and ensure you can meet the Collection Network Accreditation Protocols

View the Protocols


Complete the B-cycle Collection Network Application Form

Application Form


Submit your documents to B-cycle

Email B-cycle

The B‑cycle recycling network

B-cycle Collectors
Safely transport used batteries between Drop off points and sorters and/or processors

B‑cycle Sorters
Separate used batteries by chemistry

B‑cycle Processors
Recover battery materials for reuse