B-cycle accreditation for manufacturers and importers

Become a responsible supplier of choice with B-cycle – Australia’s battery Stewardship Scheme

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Change is coming. Get ahead with B‑cycle.

The Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020, requires manufacturers, importers and distributors to take greater responsibility for used batteries. Consumer pressure is driving a sustainability transformation and early industry participation keeps the potential of upcoming regulation at bay.

The good news is that most Australians are happy to pay more for batteries that are recycled.* Get B‑cycle accredited to secure competitive advantage and collaborate with accredited wholesalers and retailers.

B‑cycle is Government-backed and authorised by the ACCC.

*2021 research by Mobium Group

Better for the environment, better for the economy, benefits for you

  • Be promoted as a sustainable importer, and a supplier of choice for eco-conscious purchasers
  • Leverage commercial relationships with accredited wholesalers and retailers
  • Access B-cycle branding and promotional materials

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What batteries are B-cyclable?

Loose household batteries (AA & other sizes, button & rechargeable)

Proprietary batteries included in products, that can be easily removed by consumers (e.g. camera, drone & power tool batteries)

Additional battery types will be included as the Scheme expands

Join B-cycle as an accredited importer


As a B-cycle accredited importer, you:

  • Contribute a levy that offsets recycling costs.
  • Pass on the levy cost to purchasers as part of product pricing.

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  • Demonstrate support & stay informed
  • No fee

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  • Access voting rights & be eligible for nomination to the BSC board
  • Free for participating importers