B-cycle accreditation for Government

Accelerate a circular economy and safeguard energy security with B-cycle – Australia’s Government-backed Battery Stewardship Scheme

As a government, there are four ways you can support Battery Stewardship

Participate: Join B-cycle to become a Battery Steward

Sign the B-cycle Scheme Commitment Form.

Set up used battery
Drop off point(s)

When you sign the Scheme Commitment Form, elect to set up used battery Drop off point(s) for your community.

Procurement: Support accredited battery businesses

  • Inform your existing battery suppliers about B-cycle, and require that they join the Scheme.
  • Only engage with B-cycle accredited businesses when procuring battery-related products or services, including eScooters, eBikes and regular batteries.
  • Support local battery collection and processing businesses through grants and other funding mechanisms as appropriate, to build capacity and scale battery recycling infrastructure in Australia.

Permits, promotions
and policy

  • Promote and raise community awareness about the importance of B-cycling.
  • When updating policies and regulations related to used or old batteries, consult with the Battery Stewardship Council and seek nationally consistent approaches.
  • Ensure permits for e-bikes, e-scooters and other e-mobility services include a requirement to be B-cycle accredited.
  • Join B-cycle to participate in government discussions regarding battery safety and fire mitigation.

For local governments, it’s simple to support Battery Stewardship

Set up used battery
Drop off point(s)

  • Set up a B-cycle Drop off point for used batteries. Join B-cycle to become a Battery Steward.
  • When you sign the Scheme Commitment Form, elect to set up a B-cycle Drop-off point to enable your community to dispose of used batteries.

Join B-cycle to set up a Drop off point

Buy batteries that
support a circular
economy in Australia

  • Use your local government purchasing power to support brands and service providers that are part of the battery solution.
  • Ensure that suppliers of battery-related products and services are B-cycle accredited, by making B-cycle accreditation a prerequisite for e-bike and e-scooter permits.

Find accredited brands