B-cycle accreditation for Government

Accelerate a circular economy and safeguard energy security with B-cycle – Australia’s Government-backed Battery Stewardship Scheme

With your support, we’re building a viable circular economy for batteries

The B-cycle Scheme was developed to support all Australians and the Australian environment.

The stewardship initiative is the result of significant support and partnership from Australian Governments, including the Commonwealth, all State and Territory

Governments and many local governments. The Scheme is administered by the Battery Stewardship Council and the was endorsed by the ACCC in 2020.

Ongoing Government support is key to ensure B‑cycle’s success and will help to develop one of the best battery stewardship schemes globally.

All Australian Governments have a role to play and can contribute through following key actions:

  • Sign up to become a committed Battery Steward and offer accredited Drop off point(s) to your communities.
  • Inform suppliers of battery products and services of B-cycle and require them to join B‑cycle.
  • Only engage with B‑cycle accredited battery businesses when procuring battery related products or services
  • Fast track and encourage capacity building by supporting local businesses involved in battery collection and processing to scale up collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure through grant and other funding mechanisms as appropriate.
  • Consult with BSC / B‑cycle when considering regulation changes that involve used/old batteries to ensure that battery recovery and recycling is enhanced and not limited
  • Seek nationally consistent policies, definitions, and regulations
  • Join us and participate in government discussions regarding battery safety and fire mitigation.

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