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Increase foot traffic, reduce waste, and connect with your community as a B-cycle Drop off

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B‑cycle ensures the batteries you collect get recycled

As a B‑cycle Drop off point, you collect used batteries from your organisation, school or broader community. Then, you work with an accredited B‑cycler collector, who will collect and transport the batteries to a recycling facility.

By accrediting everyone from importers to recyclers, B‑cycle makes sure that every battery brought to your Drop off gets safely recycled and made into something new.

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Better for the environment, better for the economy, benefits for you

  • Be promoted as an accredited B‑cycle Drop off
  • Access B‑cycle branding and promotional materials
  • Meaningfully showcase tangible commitment to environmental and social responsibility
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Achieve measurable waste reduction

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3 out of 4 Australians

said that a B‑cycle Drop off would give them more incentive to visit a store, and 84% nominated supermarkets as their 1st choice Drop off location.

What batteries are B‑cyclable?

Loose household batteries
(AA & other sizes, button & rechargeable)

Proprietary batteries included in products, that can be easily removed by consumers
(e.g. camera, e-bike, drone & power tool batteries)

Additional battery types will be included as the scheme expands

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As a B‑cycle accredited Drop off point, you:

  • Provide a safe collection point for used batteries
  • Guarantee that batteries are collected by a B‑cycle Battery Steward, so that they’re recycled safely to protect people and the planet.

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Become a member of the Battery Stewardship Council

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  • Access voting rights & be eligible for nomination to the BSC board
  • $1,000 per annum