B-cycle is Australia's
official battery
recycling Scheme

Give your dead batteries new life

B-cycling, more than re‑cycling

B-cycle is about creating a responsible battery lifecycle – from buying better batteries for the planet, to safe use, and convenient recycling.

As a national, Government-backed Scheme, B-cycle brings together everyone from importers, to retailers, to everyday Australians, to give dead batteries new life.

The Scheme is run by the Battery Stewardship Council, and authorised by the ACCC.

Building a planet-friendly battery lifecycle

90% of Australia’s used batteries end up in landfill, where they leak toxic materials into the environment. B-cycle is here to make a change, by keeping batteries (and their contents) out of our soils and waterways.

Reusing the precious materials in every battery also means that we mine less from the earth, and can conserve nature and its resources. B-cycling creates economic opportunities for recyclers, and strengthens Australia’s energy security for future generations.

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How it works

Importers pay a levy which funds the Scheme

Retailers sell accredited battery brands

Used batteries are deposited at B-cycle Drop off points

Accredited participants earn rebates by collecting, sorting & recycling

Recovered materials make new batteries and other products

Earth’s finite resources are conserved