Join Australia’s official battery stewardship scheme

We’re bringing together industry leaders to create a circular lifecycle for batteries.

With rebates that reward recyclers, and clear accreditation that helps consumers choose participating brands, B-cycle encourages everyone to do their bit. Tap into the economic opportunities of recovering high-value resources, and protect the planet while you’re at it. B-cycle is now onboarding participants ahead of a national public launch in early 2022.

Be a leader. Get accredited now to future-proof your business.


More than recycling

Unlike existing battery recycling services, B-cycle is a stewardship initiative that provides robust accreditation for everyone in the battery value chain, including battery brands, retailers, drop off points and the whole recycling network.

B-cycle is backed by the Battery Stewardship Council, supported by the Commonwealth and all State and Territory Governments, and authorised by the ACCC.

Better for the environ­ment
Better for the economy
Better for you

  • Be promoted as an accredited sustainable choice
  • Leverage relationships with other Battery Stewards
  • Tap into increasing material volumes through the drop-off network
  • Earn B-cycle recycling rebates
  • Strengthen Australia’s resource independence and energy security

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Here’s how it works

B-cycle was developed in collaboration with industry, to deliver the best outcomes for businesses and the environment.

Clear accreditation helps consumers choose participating brands. Together with recycling rebates, this rewards industry for doing the right thing.

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Who’s already on board with B‑cycle?

B-cycle is onboarding industry participants for a national public launch in early 2022.
Join the scheme to partner with these forward-thinking organisations, lead the way in a changing industry, and future-proof your business.

Join the B‑cycle scheme

Sign the BSC Commitment to become an Accredited Battery Steward.

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Battery importers & manufacturers

Your contribution as an importer powers the B-cycle Scheme from end-to end, giving you a prime opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and circularity.

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Join other forward-thinking businesses and sell B-cycle accredited battery brands. Attract eco-conscious customers, and demonstrate your care for people and the planet. You can also choose to set up a B-cycle drop-off point, to reduce waste and increase foot traffic.

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Drop off points

Your drop off point can make a real difference for your community. Set one up to start collecting batteries for your retail space, local government facility, office or school.

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Collectors, sorters & processors

By becoming an accredited B-cycle Participant, you earn rebates every time you transport, sort, or process used batteries. Tap into our growing network of battery drop-off points, and claim your rebates on the B-cycle app.

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