B-cycle for the battery
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Australia’s Government-backed Battery Stewardship Scheme

Safeguarding the environment, the economy, & everyone who depends on them

As a stewardship initiative, B-cycle accreditation gives confidence that used batteries are safely managed, recycled and remade into something new.

The Scheme is backed by the Battery Stewardship Council, supported by the Commonwealth and all State and Territory Governments, and authorised by the ACCC.

About B-Cycle

B‑cycle expands existing markets and facilitates new ones

Change is here, with batteries now covered by the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020, which requires businesses take greater responsibility.

Demand for battery metals is also set to jump 500% by 2050, exceeding supply of some virgin materials.

B‑cycle builds on this economic opportunity by connecting industry leaders, and expanding material volumes through the Drop off network.

Get ahead of the change. Get accredited today.

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How it works

Importers pay a levy which funds the Scheme

Retailers sell accredited battery brands

Used batteries are deposited at B-cycle Drop off points

Accredited participants earn rebates by collecting, sorting & recycling

Recovered materials make new batteries and other products

Earth’s finite resources are conserved

Woolworths is committed to taking steps to cut emissions, reduce plastic, source responsibly - and NOW, keeping as many household batteries as possible out of landfill. As one of Australia’s leading retailers, we are looking forward to leading the charge in this pivotal moment for battery recycling for both the retail sector and our customers.
Our customers expect sustainability in the battery lifecycle. Joining B-cycle makes Super Retail Group part of Australia’s battery solution and provides us an opportunity to make a difference.
Kevin Figueiredo, General Manager Risk, Safety & Sustainability
Super Retail Group
B-cycle accreditation is a simple way for UBCO to make a real difference, and meet the needs of our increasingly eco-conscious customers. UBCO's overriding goal is to be a sustainable business at all points of the supply chain. Proper handling of the batteries that power our electric vehicles, which in turn power our customers purpose, is fundamental to that sustainability.
Mark Phillips, Managing Director
UBCO Australia Pty Ltd
We are fortunate enough to be at the forefront of the electric revolution and we believe that it is our responsibility to support B-cycle and fundamentally change the narrative around battery sustainability in Australia. Good business, by every metric, shouldn't cost the earth.
Ben Silver, Chief Plugger-Inner
Benzina Zero
Total Tools are a proud supporter of the B-cycle initiative and want to play our part in reducing harmful materials ending up in landfill. We care for our community and are committed to engaging with key partners to ensure we provide customers with a convenient drop off point at each of our stores Nationally.
Total Tools

Battery importers & manufacturers

Almost all Australians would happily pay more for batteries that are recycled. Join us now to be a genuine sustainability leader, and a supplier of choice for B‑cycle accredited purchasers.

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Join other forward-thinking businesses and sell B‑cycle accredited battery brands. Attract eco-conscious customers, and demonstrate your care for people and the planet. You can also choose to set up a B‑cycle Drop off point, to reduce waste and increase foot traffic.

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Drop off points

Set up a private or public Drop off point to increase foot traffic, engage with your community, meet your waste reduction targets and create measurable impact.

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Collectors, sorters & processors

Protecting the planet while growing your business just got easier. Join B‑cycle to tap into our growing network of battery Drop off points. By becoming an accredited B‑cycler, you can claim rebates on the B‑cycle app every time you collect, sort or process used batteries.

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Make better procurement choices with B-cycle, to stimulate a circular economy for batteries in Australia. Your facility can also set up a public battery Drop off point, to engage with your community and help meet your waste reduction targets.

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