B-cycling matters

We need a closed-loop lifecycle for batteries more than ever

Good for the environment

B-cycling keeps batteries out of landfill, so less toxic materials end up in our ecosystem. Reusing the materials in every battery means that we need to mine less from the earth, and can conserve our natural resources.

Good for Australia

Nearly all of the materials in batteries can be reused. Giving new life to finite natural materials like lithium, cobalt and manganese means we can safeguard Australia’s resource and energy security, and have enough for future generations.

Good for you

Getting used batteries out of your home means you protect your family and the environment from toxic materials. We make sure every battery you drop off gets B-cycled safely.

Climate action is at the heart of B‑cycling

As we scale up our reliance on renewables, demand for batteries materials is set to increase 500% by 2050.

We can’t afford not to recycle more batteries or we may run out! That’s because future renewables rely on those same minerals and metals that are used in batteries.*

*2020 World Bank report Minerals for Climate Action.