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Partner with industry leaders and tap into emerging economic opportunities

Become a Battery Steward and work with other leaders to create a circular lifecycle for batteries

All Battery Stewards play an important role in recovering and recycling batteries. They also agree to give purchasing and supply preference to others in the network. Together with recycling rebates, this incentivises a closed-loop battery lifecycle. B-cycle also helps consumers to buy from participating brands. To join B-cycle:

Join B-cycle

Join these B-cycle Battery Stewards

These purpose-driven leaders are working together as Battery Stewards, to make sure no more used batteries go to waste. B-cycle promotes these organisations as a sustainable choice.

Support the Battery Stewardship Council

If you want to show your support without being part of the B-cycle scheme, you can become a member of the Battery Stewardship Council (BSC).

Note that you will not be promoted as an accredited scheme participant.

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