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Get B-cycle accredited now to partner with other industry leaders, tap into new economic opportunities and future-proof your business

Common industry questions

What makes B-cycle different from other battery recycling schemes?

Unlike existing battery recycling services or take-back programs, B-cycle is Australia’s national, government-backed independent stewardship initiative. It provides robust traceability and accreditation for everyone in the value chain. This includes battery brands, Retailers, Drop off points, and the whole recycling network. B-cycle’s transparent process gives confidence that batteries are safely managed, recycled and remade into something new.

You’re eligible for B-cycle accreditation to become a Battery Steward if you are operating in Australia, and are a:

  • Battery Importer
  • Battery Retailer
  • Battery Drop off point (or you want to set one up)
  • Battery Collector: You collect and transport used batteries
  • Battery Sorter: You separate batteries by chemistry
  • Battery Processor: You recover and/or recycle battery materials

B-cycle is expanding the economic opportunities of battery recycling, with benefits for industry participants:

  • Be promoted as an accredited sustainable choice to consumers, industry, and Government.
  • Access B-cycle branding and promotional materials.
  • Leverage win-win commercial relationships with other accredited Battery Stewards.
  • Access B-cycle’s latest research and best practice.
  • Strengthen Australia’s resource independence and energy security.

Learn about specific benefits and commitments for:

If you’re ready to go through the simple sign up process, you can join B-cycle here.

To understand the commitments you make when joining, scroll to the bottom of these pages:

There is no B-cycle accreditation fee, however battery importers must pay the levy. Retailers must accept this levy cost from importers, and pass it on to consumers through battery pricing.

Financial rebates are directly available to B-cycle accredited battery Collectors, Sorters and Processors. These Battery Stewards can choose to share the rebate with Drop off points or retailers if this is agreed through independent commercial agreements, however this is not required.

Rebate rates:

  • Metro collection rebate: $2.50/kg
  • Regional collection rebate: $3.50/kg
  • Sorting rebate: $1/kg
  • Processing rebate: $1/kg

Join B-cycle as a Battery Steward and gain access to the B-cycle app to process rebates claims.

Batteries must be collected at least every 12 weeks as a safety measure. More frequent collections can be negotiated between Drop off points and battery Collectors.

While it is not yet obligatory to be B-cycle accredited as a battery Importer, Retailer or member of the recycling network, it is encouraged.

  • Industry leaders are already accredited and forming commercial partnerships. See who’s on board here.


What is the nature of the Australian Government’s involvement in B-cycle?

B-cycle is Australia’s official, government-backed product stewardship Scheme for batteries. The Scheme is supported by the Commonwealth and all State and Territory Governments, has been authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and is accredited by the Australian Government as a Voluntary Product Stewardship Scheme.

B-cycle received start-up funding in 2018 from the Queensland Government on behalf of all jurisdictions, and a $1m Federal grant in 2020.

With your support, B-cycle is building a viable circular economy for batteries in Australia. B-cycle is about more than keeping toxic chemicals out of ecosystems – it secures our resource independence and safeguards energy security.

Support B-cycle, and mitigate supply chain and reputation risks, by including only B-cycle accredited battery brands in your procurement policy. Find accredited brands here.

Your facility can also set up a Drop off point to collect used batteries from your community. Learn more here.

  • Sign up to become a committed Battery Steward and become an accredited Drop off point.
  • Purchase only B-cycle accredited battery brands when procuring battery related products or services.
  • Fast tracking capacity building by supporting local businesses to scale up collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure through grant and other funding mechanisms as appropriate
  • Consult with BSC when regulations change to ensure that battery recovery and recycling is enhanced and not limited.
  • Seek nationally consistent policies, definitions and regulations.
  • Join us and participate in government discussions regarding battery safety and fire mitigation

Manufacturers & importers

What are the benefits of being a B-cycle accredited manufacturer or importer?

  • Have confidence that 100% of the funds collected by the levy go directly to supporting the B-cycle Scheme and nothing else.
  • Take solace in the fact that as you business grows the environmental challenge of safely recycling used batteries is well in hand.
  • Be assured that the Battery Stewardship Council has a track record of securing broad industry participation for battery stewardship and eliminating freeriders.

  • Contribute a levy that offset the cost of the Scheme and cover the cost of the rebates for collection, sorting and recycling.
  • Pass on the levy cost to purchasers as part of product pricing.

The levy is compulsory for all accredited B-cycle Importers. Failure to pay the levy means you’ll be removed from the network, and will no longer be permitted to use B-cycle branding.

Yes, the Australian Taxation Office has ruled that GST applies to the battery import levy, as it represents the costs of collecting, sorting and processing used batteries.


What are the benefits of being a B-cycle accredited retailer?

  • Be promoted to consumers as an accredited B-cycle Retailer
  • Access B-cycle branding and promotional materials.
  • Meaningfully showcase tangible commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
  • Increase foot traffic with a Drop off point, to create measurable impact & meet waste reduction targets.

  • Accept a levy cost from battery importers and pass it on visibly to consumers, to offset the costs of battery recycling.
  • Give purchasing priority to equipment that contains compliant batteries.

No, you can still sell B-cycle accredited battery brands without being an accredited retailer. However, you can’t use B-cycle branding in-store.

No, it’s optional to set up a B-cycle battery Drop off point.

Providing a Drop off for your customers is a great way to connect with your community, increase foot traffic, and help meet waste reduction targets. Learn more here.

As an accredited retailer, you can’t set up a non-B-cycle accredited battery Drop off.

Drop off points

What are the benefits of being a B-cycle accredited Drop off point?

  • Be promoted as an accredited B-cycle Drop off point.
  • Access B-cycle branding and promotional materials.
  • Meaningfully showcase tangible commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
  • Increase foot traffic.
  • Achieve measurable waste reduction.

  • Provide a safe Drop off point for used batteries, in collaboration with an accredited Collector.
  • Guarantee that batteries are collected by a B-cycle Battery Collector, so that they’re recycled safely to protect people and the planet. Find a Battery Steward here.

  • The first step is to get B-cycle accredited as a Battery Steward. You can join B-cycle here, or learn more about benefits and requirements for Drop off points here.
  • After you join, you’ll be guided through online safety training, including how to safely set up and manage a drop off container.
  • Finally, find a B-cycle accredited battery Collector to partner with, who will collect batteries from your Drop off Point and transport them for sorting and processing. Your Collector will help you determine what type of drop off container you need, and will most likely provide one for you.
  • Find an Accredited Collector here.

Once you’ve joined B-cycle, you will be added to our Drop off point database. People and businesses will be able to search for and find you on the B-cycle website.

If you don’t wish to be a public Drop off point, you can let us know during the sign-up process. As a private Drop off point, you won’t be visible on the B-cycle website, but you can still access B-cycle branding for your own communications.

No. You can elect to be a private Drop off point, and just collect batteries for your organisation or facility. During the membership sign up process, you’ll be prompted to let us know if you want to be a public or private Drop off point.

B-cycle doesn’t provide drop off containers. However, your accredited battery Collector that you partner with may provide a container, or give you guidance on selecting a container. After you join B-cycle, you’ll be guided through online safety training, including how to safely set up and manage your drop off container.

Battery Collectors, Sorters and Processors

What are the benefits of being a B-cycle accredited Collector, Sorter or Processor?

  • Claim rebates on the B-cycle app.
  • Tap into B-cycle’s growing Drop off network to access increasing material volumes.
  • Access B-cycle branding and promotional materials.

  • ​Requirements for B-cycle accredited Collectors, Sorters and Processors can be found on Recycling Network here