B-cycle in Waste Management Review

B-cycle has been featured in Waste Management’s April Review. The piece talks about the B-cycle mission to create a responsible battery lifecycle, from buying better batteries to safe use and convenient recycling.  

BSC CEO, Libby Chaplin, said B-cycle’s accreditation model for participants, where members also agree to give purchasing and supply preferences to others in the network, has meant the collection and recycling network is an open process allowing quicker engagement with the market.  

To Australians, Ms Chaplin stressed the importance of taping the terminals of used batteries with clear tape before taking them to a B-cycle accredited Drop off point. This is particularly important with button batteries, where taping not only prevents fires, but can save a child’s life by making the battery less likely to be ingested.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE and visit pages 44 & 45