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You can become a B-cycle accredited Battery Steward if you import or sell batteries, or you’re part of the battery collection and recycling network.

B-cycle is backed by a $1 million Federal Government Grant and matching industry funding, given to the Battery Stewardship Council (BSC) to fast-track a circular economy for batteries.

Join B-cycle now to leverage commercial relationships with other participants, tap into increasing material volumes through the drop-off network, and start earning rebates.

B-cycle accredited Battery Stewards

These purpose-driven leaders have committed to working together as Battery Stewards, to make sure no more used batteries go to waste. B-cycle will promote these organisations as a sustainable choice.

If you want to show your support without being part of the B-Cycle scheme, you can become a member of the Battery Stewardship Council (BSC).

Note that you will not be promoted as an accredited scheme participant.

BSC members

BSC members support the ambition of B-Cycle – to make sure no used battery goes to waste. Our Full Members have voting rights, and are eligible for board nominations.

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