Give used batteries
new life
with B‑cycle.

Find a Drop off point to recycle your batteries


Tape battery terminals
for fire prevention
and child safety

Always use clear sticky tape

Find a Drop off point 

Buy B-cycle accredited batteries to support recycling

Positive Charge Report

The impact of Australia’s innovative battery stewardship Scheme in its first six months of operation in 2022.

Read the full report to find out more.

Better for the environment,
better for you

Chances are, every battery you’ve ever used is sitting in landfill, leaking toxic materials into the environment, and wasting Earth’s precious resources.

B-cycle is here to change that. As Australia’s official battery recycling Scheme, we make sure that the precious materials in every battery you drop off get made into something new.

Used batteries floating around?
Recycle them with B‑cycle.

B-cycle batteries in 3 simple steps

Tape the terminals of your batteries to prevent risk of fire

Put them in a glass container and keep out of reach of children

B-cycle them at your nearest Drop off point & take your container home for reuse

These businesses turn the humble battery into a sustainability hero

As a cooperative network, B-cycle Battery Stewards are building a cleaner, safer, resource independent Australia.